Acuity Software Technologies Limited offers Payroll Software , Self Assessment tax Software from Andica software. Payroll Software & Self Assessment tax softwares from Andica Limited.
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Andica Self Assessment Software

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If you are an employee claiming expenses and benefits in kind, self-employed, a company director, Lloyd's underwriter, Minister of Religion, partner in a business, trustee, an employee or a pensioner paying higher rate of tax or with more complex tax affairs, you are very likely required to complete Inland Revenue Self Assessment tax return forms, calculate taxes due and file the returns in time.

Tax is taxing, unless that is you are using Andica Self Assessment tax return software designed to simplify the preparation and completion of tax return forms with wizard style entry forms and tax calculations. Returns can be printed in paper format replicating Inland Revenue style tax return forms and submission of the returns electronically using the File by Internet feature.

Andica Self Assessment tax returns software comes in two versions:

Andica Self Assessment Personal

A self assessment tax return solution suitable for use by individual taxpayers. The software helps you simplify and manage your tax returns preparation, calculations and submission.

Andica Self Assessment Professional

A self-assessment tax return solution suitable for use by accountants and tax consultants to prepare self assessment tax returns for their clients. The software is available with multiple tax payers returns and multi users feature.



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