Acuity Software Technologies Limited offers Payroll Software , Self Assessment tax Software from Andica software. Payroll Software & Self Assessment tax softwares from Andica Limited.
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Andica Self Assessment Software

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Features of Andica Self Assessment software are:

Tax Return Forms

Andica Self Assessment software supports the Inland Revenue's main tax return form SA100 with the most common supplementary forms you might need, dependent on your circumstances. In all, Andica Self Assessment software provides the following forms.

  • SA 100 - Main Tax Return pages
  • SA 101 - Employment
  • SA 101M - Ministers of Religion
  • SA 102 - Share Schemes
  • SA 103 - Self Employment
  • SA 103L - Lloyds Underwriters
  • SA 104 - Partnership short version
  • SA 104F - Partnership full version
  • SA 105 - Land & Property
  • SA 106 - Foreign
  • SA 107 - Trusts
  • SA 108 - Capital Gains Tax
  • SA 109 - Non-residence

Inland Revenue notes for the forms are provided with the software along with the SA150 Tax return guide and SA151 Tax Calculation Guide.

Online submission

With Andica Self Assessment software you can complete and submit your tax return electronically to the Inland Revenue via the Government Gateway using a File By Internet feature. You will need a prior registration with the Inland Revenue who will provide you with a User ID and Pin Code.

Tax Calculations

Andica Self Assessment software calculates your taxes and prints the tax calculation summary.

Printed Forms

The software replicates Inland Revenue style self assessment return forms that can be printed for your records.



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