Acuity Software Technologies Limited offers Pegasus P11D Organiser software from Pegasus software. Pegasus Software are developers of PC-based accounting payroll & business software solutions for small & medium-sized enterprises.
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Pegasus P11D Organiser

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Pegasus P11D Organiser is the most advanced and powerful system for managing expenses and benefits internally, and for reporting their cash equivalents to the Inland Revenue. It is a complete Expenses and Management System which combines power with flexibility, making it the perfect solution not only for businesses of any size, but also for the corporate sector, accountancy practices and tax service bureaux.

Pegasus P11D Organiser has been designed with a view to eliminating exposure to erroneous or late returns. If used throughout the year as recommended, it will provide an accurate audit trail of every individual item of benefits and expenses, and can make your company audit-proof.



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