Acuity Software Technologies Limited offers Pegasus Operations II software from Pegasus software. Pegasus Software are developers of PC-based accounting payroll & business software solutions for small & medium-sized enterprises.
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Pegasus Operations II

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Pegasus Operations II - The Outward-Looking Manufacturing System

Pegasus Operations II is so much more than a manufacturing system: where ordinary systems 'look-in', Operations II looks out. Yet though revolutionary, Operations II's architecture is embedded in the most solid of foundations. It is based on Pegasus Operations, one of the UK's leading modular manufacturing solutions since the early 1990s.

Pegasus Operations II is a manufacturing solution that has been designed for today's technology. It allows companies to excel in highly competitive and ever changing market places.

It is built using Microsoft technology and fully utilises E-mail and web technologies, enabling businesses to actively leverage real business benefits. Where many traditional systems are reactive, Operations II is proactive, working as a valuable asset for any company.




Pegasus Opera II Nominal

Pegasus Operations II BOM

Pegasus Operations II Forecast Orders

Pegasus Operations II Forecast Orders

Pegasus Operations II MRP

Pegasus Operations II MRP

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