Acuity Software Technologies Limited offers Pegasus Opera & Opera II Accounts softwares from Pegasus software. Pegasus Software are developers of PC-based accounting payroll & business software solutions for small & medium-sized enterprises.
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Pegasus Opera II Accounts

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Reap the Rewards of one of the Fastest Selling Accounting Systems in the UK

With over 25,000 users in just two years, Opera II is fast becoming the accounting and finance system of choice for SMEs in the UK. The reason is simple - Opera II delivers a real competitive edge.

Pegasus Opera II software - Accounting smart.Business intelligent.

Pegasus Opera II is the latest, most versatile and user-friendly accounting, payroll & HR, manufacturing and eCommerce solution from Pegasus Software. Opera II has been the focus of a significant amount of development, building upon its strong foundations, to deliver what is now the market-leading SME product, clearly focused on the needs of businesses and users.

A modular solution, Opera II enables users to select the components that match their current business model, whilst making it possible to add further functionality as requirements change. This means that the capability or capacity of a system can be seamlessly expanded whilst safeguarding the investment.

Pegasus' flagship, Opera II, is a scalable solution, designed to grow with your business.

There are three variants of Opera II:

These three distinct solutions cater for small businesses through to large corporate companies with multi-million pound turnovers.





Pegasus Opera II

Buy Pegasus Opera II software Now!

Buy Pegasus Opera II software Now!

Pegasus Opera II Nominal

Pegasus Opera II Nominal

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