Acuity Software Technologies Limited offers GoldMine, mGoldMine & GoldSync Softwares from FrontRnge GoldMine. GoldMine software - GoldMine is UK's leading contact manager, sales automation tool & Customer Relationship Management CRM software.
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Benefits of mGoldMine

Palmtop power for your sales team

Today's tough sales environment favours those who tightly track their leads and are quick to respond to opportunities. Having the right information in the palm of your hand puts you in control


Improve your sales performance

Real time information increases sales agility - mGoldMine's functionality will help identify further opportunities, increase sales productivity and drive additional revenue

Organise your day

Using the mGoldMine diary feature you can plan your schedule, and access/update your activity list on the move

All the contact information you need at your fingertips

Up-to-date addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and URL addresses for all of your contacts

Sales tracking and forecasting

Use customised lists as drop-downs when entering information and then change the status of prospects as they move through your sales cycle



Using mGoldmine's email feature means your colleagues back in the office can view your customer communications instantly



Secure access via unique PIN. With no data held on the mobile device, if lost or stolen there is no danger to corporate data


Make better use of travelling time

Update your meeting records while on the move


Call direct

No juggling between mobile phone and address book, use mGoldMine to call directly from your WAP/GPRS enabled mobile device


Task views

See all of your calls, meetings and to-do entries in your task list or use a choice of filters to sort differently


Choose your view

View your calendar daily, weekly or go straight to any specific date and click a contact icon to go to the linked record


Search made simple

Search by company, contact name, status or other fields, just by typing in a few letters


Log contacts and track activities

Attach time-stamped notes of phone conversations, meetings and ideas, then view contact histories and activities


View and edit information

Everything you need for your contacts including addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and those special details which build relationships


Lose that 'synching' feeling
  Real time access negates the need to synchronise at the end of the day, improving work-life balance.



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