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Keep all members of your sales team perfectly in sync!

One of the most difficult tasks facing business today is managing the information that moves across a distributed organization. GoldSync® is the solution. It makes updating and distributing vital customer information a productive reality.

Be responsive-shorten sales cycles and improve service levels.

Share data with all members of your sales team-from the home office to the field. GoldSync®:

  • Offers unattended, automated processing of remote synchronization across 3 or more GoldMine® databases, systems, and users.

  • Provides automated and unattended "agent" functions to process when, what, and how information is synchronized across your entire team.

  • Synchronizes more than just leads. Get updated marketing materials, perform territory realignments, and even send GoldMine® version updates.

  • Allows filtering of data by criteria such as territory, salesperson, or customer type, for added control.

  • Includes support for up to 500 simultaneous WAN connections because it's completely multi-threaded.

Whether you add, change, or delete information (even customizations, lookup lists, and security settings) GoldSync® keeps everyone informed. And that turns your sales team into a sales force!

Sharing critical information

GoldSync® manages and automates synchronization between multiple Goldmine® licenses. It goes beyond the exchange of customer and prospect information, updating your team on scheduled activities, special notes, and linked documents, such as quotes and proposals.

Synchronization simplified

GoldSync® features a helpful Wizard to guide you step-by-step through the synchronization process. Get help setting up sites, processes and servers, or just sending a lead out to the field.

As smart as it looks

GoldSync® can actually determine which sites need to receive specific information during each synchronization session, eliminating yet another manual task. And so you can easily track the process, GoldSync® maintains detailed logs of each session.

Flexes to fit the shape of any organization

Choose the connection methods that work best for your business, including TI, Frame Relay, Internet Email, modem pools or IP-to-IP options. Use filters to include only the data pertinent to a particular location-helping avoid territory conflicts.

Keeps connection charges under control

GoldSync® doesn't like to waste your money any more than you do. It will selectively send only those records that have changed since a salesperson's last transfer set. Three levels of security keep your data safe, too.

Now "remote" doesn't have to mean unavailable

GoldMine® truly mobilizes your information by allowing you to sync up contact and calendar information between Palm® and Windows® CE* organizers. Just let the wizard-driven menus walk you through the process.

* Devices using Windows CE 3.x OS (Pocket PC) can synchronize contact data but there is a known problem with calendar synchronization.



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