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UPP (Upgrade Protection Program)

Upgrade Protection Program from FrontRange Solution

FrontRange Solutions is pleased to provide its GoldMine® Business Contact Manager customers with the Upgrade Protection Program and are committed to providing solutions to meet customer needs to quickly, easily and affordably keep your GoldMine software upgraded and current. With the increasingly rapid advances in our technology, they are pleased to offer a cost-effective, online program for software updates and upgrades.

The Upgrade Protection Program (UPP) provides all registered customers with immediate, online access to any updates available for your licensed GoldMine Business Contact Manager for an entire calendar year following your UPP purchase. For users of GoldMine Version 5.x, a UPP subscription can be purchased at the special introductory price of L74 per GoldMine user or per GoldSync site, eliminating the need to buy more costly, individual, new version upgrades. Your UPP subscription offers electronic access to upgrades, updates and patches via the Internet.

To subscribe to UPP contact your solution partner who will provide you with a valid UPP access ID, enabling you to upgrade your system.

By taking advantage of UPP, you will get access to the latest tools available, as well as equip yourself and your team with the best in business contact management.

Sign-up today and join the thousands of other GoldMine customers on UPP.

1 The UPP subscription does not cover the cost of documentation materials or hard-copy media kits (CD-ROM, User Manuals, etc.), which are available at an additional cost. For details, please contact your solution provider or your local FrontRange office.

2 GoldMine 4.x, 3.x and 2.5a customers may get current and stay current at a cost of L110 per user or per site. GoldMine 3.x and 2.5a customers should contact their local Solutions Partner to order an upgrade to GoldMine Business Contact Manager, before registering for UPP online.




Buy GoldMine 6.5 Software Now!
Buy GoldMine 6.5 Software Now!

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