Acuity Software Technologies Limited offers GoldMine, mGoldMine & GoldSync Softwares from FrontRnge GoldMine. GoldMine software - GoldMine is UK's leading contact manager, sales automation tool & Customer Relationship Management CRM software.
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GoldMine 6.5

  Overview  Benefits  Features  Requirements Buy GoldMine Software Now!


GoldMine 6.5 benefits

Quick to install
Easy to integrate with your existing desktop applications
Forecast and track sales opportunities
Keep on top of budgets, sales opportunities and funnel reports
Focus your sales effort where it matters
Ensure the marketing budget is being spent effectively
Evaluate campaign effectiveness and response
Find information you need quickly
Save time and money
Using GoldMine, you can be sure that all the information you need to build profitable relationships with prospect, customers and suppliers is at your fingertips. And you can share it instantly with everyone that needs it.

Better Relationship Management

Document Management
Keep track of letters, forms and e-mail templates to streamline and standardise your communications
Automated Processes
Workflow to suit you. Send customised e-mail, schedule appointments, print covering letters and prompt your team for follow up - automatically. Deliver leads to your sales team reducing the time between prospect enquiry and sales follow up
Web Integration
Capture, access and action real-time prospect and customer requests from your website 24/7 and use automated processes to follow up immediately
Marketing Management
Optimise budgets by evaluating campaign effectiveness and response plus follow opportunity progression from prospect to customer
Sales and Quota Analysis
Forecast and track sales opportunities, creating data to help you better manage the sales pipeline. Keep on top of budgets, profitability analysis, sales opportunities, funnel reports and sales performance



Buy GoldMine 6.5 Software Now!
Buy GoldMine 6.5 Software Now!

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