Acuity Software Technologies Limited offers Payroll Software , Self Assessment tax Software from Andica software. Payroll Software & Self Assessment tax softwares from Andica Limited.
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Andica Payroll Software

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Andica Payroll - Easy to use yet comprehensive payroll software

Andica Payroll Software is a powerful and flexible payroll package specifically developed for Small to medium sized businesses and complying with the latest government legislations.

Andica Payroll Software is designed to be easy to use, it allows payments of salaries and wages and non statutory deductions to be defined by users to suit the business needs while the payroll software takes care of the statutory calculations.

Andica Payroll Software provides a range of standard reports such as payslips and payroll analysis. All employee data can be instantly viewed on screen or reproduced in simple, easy-to-follow reports. Management information can be obtained quickly and easily. Processing the payroll can be one of the most time consuming tasks for any company but Andica Payroll software puts you firmly in control. It also comes with many features designed to make the processing of payroll simple, quick and accurate.

Andica Payroll Software is a cost effective and feature rich payroll solution for business of all sizes. The software is supplied in a selection of employee bands (10, 25, 50, 100 and unlimited employees) and multi company options, providing an easy upgrade path to the next employee or multi company band.

Users of Andica Payroll Software can also subscribe to Annual Software Assurance Plan that provides:

  • Telephone and email technical support.
  • Legislative updates.
  • Maintenance updates.
  • FREE software version upgrades.

Andica Payroll Software is competitively priced, for example a 10 employees, one user and one company fully featured version - not a cut down version - is:

  • 79 + VAT for software.
  • 69 + VAT for Annual Software Assurance Plan.


Buy Payroll Software

Andica Payroll Software prices start from £79+VAT

Andica Payroll desktop
Andica Payroll desktop

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